How to get long term herpes dates in Australia?

For positive sinlges Australia, it is a bit difficult for looking for long term dates with other people. But it does not mean the end of your dating life. Here is a piece of advice to  all positive singles Australia to find successful dates.

To be honest with your partner about your condition

Let your partner be aware of you are Herpes positive. Talking to your partner about your condition is the boldest move you must make. Being honest is the hardest fact to deal with when dating with herpes. In the first place, the partners were not honest; therefore, telling your partner about your condition is the right thing to do. Make sure it is done in time; it is hard to let your partner know after you have had weeks or months of unprotected sex.

Both you and your partner do the test

Get your spouse tested. Quite a good number of adults suffer from genital or oral Herpes. The latter increases the chances that your spouse is suffering from the condition. If one partner is Herpes positive, getting a blood test done with your partner will help determine his/her condition before engaging in any intercourse.

Understand that a lot more of the world’s population is living with the Herpes syndrome. Be aware that you are not alone. More than 30% of Australians live with oral Herpes and 20% have Genital herpes . Therefore, knowingly or unknowingly a high population in the world is Herpes positive. The high population of persons living with Herpes exposes you to many people whom you can share with about the condition. This also means Herpes Support Groups are many which will help you learn how to date with Herpes in Australia.

Happy with Herpes

Get above the shame of herpes dating in Australia. It is emotionally hurting to get diagnosed with herpes, therefore, be quick to observe necessary steps of healthy living as soon as you are diagnosed with the condition. Also, be on your feet and start dating again, it makes you overcome the condition and move on with life.

Reduce the risk of infecting your partner with herpes. After getting a suitable partner, it is healthy to observe some common rules before engaging in any intercourse with your new partner First, use a condom all the time you have sex. Two, refrain from sex during the outbreak of the virus and lastly, use suppression drugs such as Valtrex to avoid the chances of transmission.

Join Herpes Dating Sites for Help

The herpes dating site in Australia will expose you to romantic partners who are also victims of Herpes. This is the best thing to do after being diagnosed with the condition because it will make dating convenient. If both partners are positive, they cannot get the virus twice which makes it possible to have sex without worrying about anything.

Don’t forget where you are All other rules of online dating apply of course. Although niche herpes dating sites such as those on are more often honest about whom they really are getting like-minded people. So advice to someone who is typically an open book, if you would want to shout it out in a place crowded with strangers don’t put in a message keep it to yourself until you can meet in person or at least over webcam. Research has shown that both men and women prefer people who ask questions to keep the conversation going. One question you can ask if you meet a singleton with herpes is, some variation of tell me your personal story.

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