Which Herpes Dating Site in Australia is More Popular?

Many herpes dating sites in Australia have popped up online in the last several years, though only a few will be familiar to many. Positive Singles and HSV Singles have an obvious profile online.

To stand out from the crowd as a herpes dating site generally means that you are not merely creating a dating site, but a bona fide community. This is especially important with a condition like herpes, where many who have been infected take some serious time to get used to both the disease and the unfortunate stigma attached to it.

By creating a community, you increase both your popularity and activity numbers with your membership. Popularity is a necessity for a dating site, as it increases the chances of finding a compatible match for everyone. But site members must also be active, which means not merely creating a profile, looking around once or twice, and never coming back.

This article will take a brief look at the popularity and activity within the 2 most prominent herpes dating sites, Positive Singles and HSV Singles. This will be determined by data I pulled from doing a ‘test search’ where I compared the two sites by searching profiles in each, using the state of Colorado, for both ‘men searching women’ and ‘women searching men’ (all ages for both).

Which Herpes Dating Site Creates the Greatest Popularity in Australia?

In my ‘test search’ within Sydney (chosen because of its medium-size), one of the striking things noted was how few members there were on both sites living with HSV-1. These numbers were particularly bad on HSV Singles, where I found that there were just 11 ‘men seeking women’ (and same number for ‘women seeking men’) with HSV-1 in the entire state. On Positive Singles, these numbers were markedly better, with 177 of the former and 36 of the latter.

The numbers for those living with HSV-2 were much better, especially in Positive Singles where the amount of profiles returned were roughly two and a half times that of HSV Singles for both ‘men seeking women’ (500 vs. 190) and ‘women seeking men’ (500 vs. 189). Note that Positive Singles returns a maximum of 500 profiles for any search (any more would be including too many outdated ones, as they arrange their results by last login).

Which Herpes Dating Site Features the Most Active Members in Australia?

Although percentage of active members were similar for both sites, Positive Singles had more active members to choose from due to the greater popularity. For example, 730,000 of the men with HSV-2 had been on the site within the last month, compared to 106,000 on HSV Singles. Among women, 870,000 had been active on Positive Singles in the last month, versus 74,000 women active on HSV Singles.

Activity is probably the most important measure of an online dating site, as it’s easy for a site built in the year 2000 to simply keep every profile ever created within their database. Make sure to check the ‘last login date’ category on profiles when searching (as mentioned, profiles are arranged this way on Positive Singles to make it a little easier).

This little assessment should give you an idea of what the popular dating sites are about. Good luck out there!

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