Which kind of person are most likely to have herpes in Australia?

You are suffering from herpes, then you have no chance to begin a dating life? Definitely not! You are a normal person and you should not stop looking for love and fun. Herpes does not take away your many desirable qualities. So you can still date, fall in love and have sex. After all, herpes is just a disease like any other and it affects a proportion of the adult people in Australia!

Still, how do you talk about herpes with your new date? We all know that society at large looks at herpes with fear and suspicion, most of which is due to ignorance about the disease. So what do you do?

This is where Herpes Dating Australia comes in. HerpesDating-Australia.com helps people living with herpes to find love again. They knows it is generally difficult to breach the subject of herpes with people who do not have it. So they have made it easier for people living with herpes to meet other people living with herpes. There are many people out there who live with herpes and are looking for love. At present the site has 26,414 members split as follows:

  • HSV-1(cold sore): 3,494;
  • HSV-1(genital): 3,050;
  • HSV-2 (genital): 9,968;
  • Herpes (not sure which type): 3,130;
  • HSV(all types): 16,910;
  • HPV: 1,441.

Here are the gender ratios so you can see what is available when you become a member.

  • Woman looking for man: 27.243%.
  • Man looking for woman: 56.338%.
  • Man looking for man: 11.206%.
  • Woman looking for woman: 1.329%.
  • Couples: 0.886%.

The website caters for all age groups. Here are the age groups of the current members.

  • 18 – 25 years: 9.135%;
  • 26 – 35 years: 33.35%;
  • 36 – 45 years: 27.993%;
  • 46 – 55 years: 19.486%;
  • 56 – 65 years: 8.003%;
  • 66 – 99 years: 2.003%.

As a member of HerpesDating-Australia.com you will have access to stories posted by real members and you will be able to contribute your own story. So far we have the following number of stories posted to the website by real members:

  • Herpes success stories: 25
  • inspirational stories: 20
  • Herpes treatment stories: 6

Do not let herpes interfere with your life, join Herpes Dating Australia and meet other herpes singles looking for love.