Herpes Dating Melbourne: Best Dating Site for People with Herpes in Melbourne

In past years, herpes has become a commonly sexually transmitted disease in Australia. About 60-70% of young population who are in their twenties have herpes. This is a figure that is just increasing with time, as there is still less information among people about it. According to the statistic of w​w​w​.​h​e​r​p​e​s​d​a​t​i​n​g​-​a​u​s​t​r​a​l​i​a​.​c​o​m​, The past decade has seen rates of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) increase in Australia. The incidence of each of the major STIs varies according to sex and age. While STIs predominantly affect the young, the rates of infection for older age groups are increasing as well. There are select STIs that affect more people aged between 30 and 44 years than those aged between 18 and 29 years. The Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria had the highest notification rates for several STIs. It is estimated that the prevalence of genital herpes in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population is 18%, considerably higher than the 12% estimated for the non-Indigenous population.

Though herpes has serious impact on our lives, dating and sex life is not over, we would like recommend the best herpes dating site for people with herpes in Melbourne – www.herpesdating-australia.com.au one of the premier herpes dating sites in Australia. We cater exclusively to people with herpes all across Australia who are looking for new ways to meet others sharing their situation. It can be tough enough trying to find people that you can connect with in today’s world, but with a herpes diagnosis, that mission can sometimes start to feel outright impossible. However, you can finally begin to meet smart, attractive and friendly people in your area who have also been diagnosed with herpes and who are ready to date.

This is a place where you can feel more comfortable and relaxed meeting new potential mates, knowing that you don’t have to face an awkward and embarrassing conversation somewhere down the road. You can also enjoy the excitement of beginning a new relationship again, instead of dreading the prospect of a rejection by someone that you have grown to care about. On Herpesdating-australia.com.au , you’ll find others who have struggled with the same herpes-related issues that you have and you can feel free to share your experiences without the risk of judgment or a negative response.

When you have Herpes (HSV-1, HSV-2), HPV (Human Papillomavirus), HIV or any other STD in Melbourne, it can make you feel like you are all alone in the world. Do you wish there was a place where you didn’t have to worry about being rejected or discriminated?


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